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Centrifuge Manufacturing Expert

ag亚游集团娱乐Environmental Protection | Energy Saving | Technology | High Efficiency | Automation

Saideli considers the quality as its life. In order to ensure the product quality of each product, Saideli establishes completed quality inspection guarantee system and possesses a professional inspection group. All the products have been made strictly in accordance with ISO9001:2000. The company introduces dynamic balance, magnetic powder crack detection, radiation detection, stretch tester, spectrum analyzer and carries out stringent inspection from raw material incoming to finished product ex-factory. At the same time, it timely traces the feedback from customers step by step and all the staff in company, department, workshop and operators pay important attention to quality management. Under this kind of quality inspection guarantee system and atmosphere, the six series products in more than one hundred kinds have been fully used in such fields as pharmaceutical, chemical industry, environment protection and food making successfully and their excellent performance and stability have been confirmed and appraised by wide users.

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